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San Francisco 49er Great Joe Montana Invests in Cannabis
January 28th, 2019

The Super Bowl is coming up and one of the all-time clutch Super Bowl quarterbacks, Joe Montana, has made huge news by announcing his investment in the cannabis industry. Football players subject their bodies to a massive amount of punishment, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see football players join the cannabis industry, but Montana is the most prominent player to join a fight that includes former Chicago Bears Super Bowl QB Jim McMahon and former Heisman Trophy winner and rushing champion Ricky Williams. Montana is part of an investment team that is putting up $75 million into an integrated company called Caliva, as Esquire reported:

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NFL Fans Hot Boxed the LA Coliseum During a Playoff Game This Weekend
January 16th, 2019

The Rams’ first post-season victory at The LA Coliseum was capped off with the sweet smell of ganja wafting through the open-air stadium. In the stands of professional football games, we’re conditioned to expect and appreciate behavior that is not typically allowed in other public venues. Severe drunkenness, shirtless men tapping into arts and crafts, and lewd insults hurled by grandmothers and pre-teens alike. During Saturday’s NFL playoff matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys, fans added a new extracurricular to the spectator’s playbook: Openly smoking copious amounts of cannabis as the Rams coasted to a first round victory.

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The Verge
California standoff ends after police use robot to deliver vape pen to suspect
January 13th, 2019

An hours-long standoff in Novato, California came to a peaceful end yesterday when police officers used a police robot to deliver a vape pen to the suspect, who had threatened to burn down a gas station, reports the Sacramento Bee and Marin Independent Journal.

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Marijuana Business Daily
Most California municipalities ban commercial cannabis activity
February 18th, 2019

Two-thirds of California municipalities prohibit marijuana businesses from setting up shop, underscoring the hurdles MJ entrepreneurs face in trying to break into the world’s largest legal cannabis market. Only 161 of California’s 482 municipalities and 24 of the 58 counties have opted to allow commercial cannabis activity of any sort, according to data from CannaRegs, a website that tracks local marijuana rule developments in the state.

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Newsom taps head of SF cannabis office for state role
February 14th, 2019

San Francisco’s top cannabis official is about to vanish in a puff of smoke, even before her fledgling department finishes ushering its first “equity permit” applicant through the approval process. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday that he’s appointed Nicole Elliot to be his senior advisor on cannabis in the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. Though she’s led San Francisco’s own Office of Cannabis since its creation in 2017, that’s an interesting qualification, as that department has struggled to award pot permits to equity applicants, a key part of The City’s pledge to right injustices to people of color targeted in the War on Drugs.

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Kamala Harris's evolution on marijuana
February 13th, 2019

During a recent radio interview, Sen. Kamala Harris admitted to smoking weed in the past. "I did inhale," the California Democrat said, laughing. "It was a long time ago." Harris' views on marijuana have changed over the years. She expressed opposition in 2010, then voiced support for medical marijuana legalization five years later. Now she's expanding her support to recreational use as well. The senator's evolution on pot pairs closely with the changes in public opinion on the issue.

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Legal Cannabis Created 211,000 Full-Time Jobs
March 4th, 2019

How many jobs are there in the legal cannabis industry? It’s a common question—and one the government refuses to answer. Because cannabis remains federally illegal, employment data agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics ignore all jobs related to the industry. That’s too bad, because they’re missing one of the most dramatic job booms in recent history. Over the past three months Leafly’s data team, working in partnership with Whitney Economics, has gone state-by-state to tally the total number of direct, full-time jobs in the state-legal cannabis industry.

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The Epoch Times
Mountain View Residents Urge City Council to Reconsider Marijuana Stores
March 2nd, 2019

Community members and local organization leaders held a press conference on Feb. 28, ahead of an upcoming public meeting regarding cannabis (marijuana) regulations in the city. Mountain View City Council members will on March 5 in City Hall at 6:30 p.m. discuss potential amendments to cannabis regulations and re-vote on the regulations that were adopted in the fall of 2018. The press conference provided people who are against opening recreational cannabis stores an opportunity to speak their views and advise city leaders to amend the 2018 cannabis regulations.

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Marijuana Business Daily
California begins taking cannabis social equity grant apps from cities, counties
March 1st, 2019

California state marijuana regulators announced Friday they are accepting grant applications from cities and counties that are implementing social equity programs for local cannabis businesses. The state’s Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) will award $10 million to qualifying jurisdictions by June 30 as part of a growing movement to repair social harms done by the war on drugs and marijuana prohibition and also to encourage minorities and those victimized by prohibition to get a toehold in the cannabis space.

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Medical Cannabis-for-Pets Bill Introduced In California
April 17th, 2019

A bill introduced in California would allow veterinarians to recommend cannabis products for pets, VIN News Service reports. The measure first needs to pass a review by the state’s Veterinary Medical Board but, if approved, would be the first of its kind in the U.S. Last year, state regulators recognized cannabis in veterinary medicine, becoming the first state to provide legal protections for vets who talk to pet owners about cannabis use for their animals. This bill takes those protections a step further.

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Marijuana Business Daily
California licensing snafu could cost cannabis growers thousands in lost revenue, possible shutdowns
April 16th, 2019

California’s marijuana growers are at risk of losing thousands of dollars in revenue as scores of temporary business licenses expire each day before the state can replace them with annual permits. That leaves many cultivators trapped in a licensing logjam with a difficult choice: Continue operating with expired permits – or shut down. This is the beginning of the outdoor cultivation season, and many growers went ahead and planted despite knowing their temporary licenses were set to expire – holding out hope that state regulators would speed up the licensing process and issue annual permits posthaste. That largely hasn’t happened. And lawmakers in Sacramento have yet to pass a legislative fix.

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Marijuana Moment
The Feds Are Looking To Hire A Professional Marijuana Joint Roller
April 3rd, 2019

The federal government is, again, soliciting help to “acquire, develop and produce” marijuana cigarettes (i.e. joints) for research purposes. In a notice published on Tuesday, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) said that it will soon be accepting applications for a contract award for facilities that are able to “manufacture standardized marijuana cigarettes within a range of varying concentrations of delta-9-THC and analyze strength and stability of them at various intervals while having the capability to maintain a secure shipping facility and to ship marijuana cigarettes to research investigators.”

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