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Hella Dank
Sourcing Material for Bubble Hash/Rosin
Santa Rosa, CA
Non-Paid / Other Compensation
0-2 Years

Do you have connections with legal california cannabis farms that have close-cut sugar leaf or kief?


Would you like to earn money on a commission basis from home for simply giving us a reference? Just connect us with a farm that has material we can buy, and get paid when we buy it :).


We will pay a commission of $5 per lb of trim and oz of kief you help us source. We are currently looking for 3000lbs of trim and 50-100lbs of kief.


Our price range is wide, and we are able to pay farmers more than most for high quality material.


We are looking for sustainably grown material grown using living soil farming practices.


Not all material will work for us, but when it does, we will buy all that is available.


Strains that are known to work well: Strawberry Banana (extremely well), Sour Diesel (extremely well), SFV OG, Bubba, Alaskan Thunderfuck, Afgoo, Blood Orange Kush, Purple Punch


Other strains can work well too, but these are just some safer bets.


E-mail me if you are interested or want more information.


Igor Ainbinder


[email protected]

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